Services – Chimney Cleaning

Dust Busters will hand brush and air brush your chimney in Fergus Falls, Pine City & Alexandria, MN!

Hand Brushing

We will use a hard brush to fully clean your chimney all the way up and down. The brush we use is called a ‘Flat Brush’! Instead of being a round wire brush, there are a ton of flat pieces of metal attached to it and they fight each other on the way down the chimney. These metal pieces are bouncing back and forth scrubbing the chimney walls.

This is a very aggressive system and can be used in brick or clay tile chimneys only!

Customer Testimonial: Craig, I want to thank you for the job you did on our chimney! You and your employees braved the elements and gave us back our faith in using our stove again. it is working beautifully! We hope all returned safe and sound! Thanks again! The Watsons.

Air Brushing

After we hand brush the chimney, we also air brush it. We get into the chimney with an air whipping system that is also very aggressive. This will clean all the little nooks and crannies, and the little tiny areas and remove any remaining build-up.


Also included in the price is the cleaning of the fire box, the shelf and the brick around it. We will even clean the glass doors. Dust Busters will make your chimney and fireplace look brand new again!

Another customer testimonial: I just wanted you to know that your Alexandria, MN crew w/ Jason was very polite, professional and thorough in their work. They were much more thorough in my chimney cleaning that I expected they would be. I’m very satisfied with your service. Thanks again!!! Kirk D.

Safety Inspection

After the cleaning is done we send a four-headed camera all the way down the chimney and fill out a full inspection sheet. This will tell you everything about your chimney, the height, its width, construction and condition. You will know everything there is to know about your chimney.

This is a legal document for your insurance company stating we have serviced your chimney!

Note: The flat brush system can not be used on metal chimneys!

We are liable for our chimney cleaning services and will make sure that your chimney is clean and safe to use.