Air Conditioner Cleaning in Fergus Falls, Pine City & Alexandria, MN

Air conditioner cleaning is important. The air conditioner coil and condenser will get a build up of dirt and dust over time. This makes the air conditioner run less efficiently.

We use our air tools, brushes, and other special tools to completely clean your air conditioner and all parts from top to bottom, helping you save money with cheaper electricity bills when your air conditioner runs more efficiently and less often.

Outside air conditioners should be cleaned annually and sometimes twice a year (depending on usage). Outside AC units draw 220 volts of electrical current, so they are a very large draw on electricity. It costs more to run when it’s not clean and working efficiently.

When people put covers over their outside air conditioning units it attracts mice. It makes a good shelter for mice and so they hibernate and exist inside and under the cover, and start chewing the wires in air conditioner. Of course you would want to avoid this. We’ve seen it happen many times. So the best advice we have for protecting your outside air conditioning unit is to put a piece of plywood over the top of the unit with a cement block on top. This will keep the snow mostly out of the unit. What sometimes happens is snow buildup on the fan will bend it and set it off balance.

Another tip for cleaning your outside air conditioning unit is to use a garden hose and spray lightly, not a hard spray, spraying sideways into the unit to clean it out. Be careful though to not bend the vent fins as they are important for cooling the unit.

Of course, if you’d rather have us clean your air conditioner for you that’s one of the things we do! Contact us to get your air conditioner cleaned. We can also check your furnace, your refrigerator, and your dryer to see if it’s in need of cleaning.