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Why is Duct Cleaning Needed?
Because it provides a healthier, cleaner home that saves money by helping your furnace run more efficiently.

  • Reduces Allergies and Respiratory Problems
  • Decreases Dust and Removes Odors
  • Can Help your Furnace Run Less Often, saving money

Furnace & Duct Cleaning Benefits

  • Cleaner, Healthier Air
  • Smoother Running Furnace
  • Cleaner home, Less dusting

Why Choose Dustbusters?

  • More than 25 years of Experience
  • We use the Best Equipment
  • Our Customers are Top Priority

Customer Testimonial
I wondered why I didn’t have much heat upstairs. This pile of goodies along with what was left of a stuffed animal came out of one heat pipe. I’ve never had such good heat as I have now. Dust Busters did a wonderful job!
~ Jim, Alexandria, MN

What about cost?

Our pricing is Very Fair and Reasonable. Pricing varies based on how many rooms you have and the type of furnace and ducts you have. Among all the Fargo area duct cleaners we're probably somewhere in the middle on pricing. We think we offer the best value available. We certainly strive towards that goal. Our quality of service is top notch. Our equipment and employees are among the best in the business. You can count on us. Give us a call and we'd be happy to give you a price quote. We service the Fargo Moorhead area every week!


Customer Testimonial
Thank you, Peg and Craig, not only for your generosity to me, but to Julie and all the people in your community that will be blessed by it today! Once again, even those who were a bit reluctant to have their ducts cleaned have nothing but good to say about the job and the men who did it - so thank you! God bless you..
~ S. at Twin Oaks

We offer both residential and commercial furnace and duct cleaning services.

Fargo North Dakota is about 100 miles from our central service location. We provide full service furnace and duct cleaning services in the area. We also provide chimney cleaning and inspections as well as other related services. See our list of services below.

If you live in or near Fargo you are in our service area. Please contact us with questions or to make an appointment. We'd be happy to have one of our service technicians visit with you and help make sure your home is clean and safe.

Insured · 25+ Years Experience

Customer Testimonial
I just wanted to let you know I am very happy with everything! The guys were so great and let my son watch and let him even "help". My son thought it was the greatest thing! I will definitely be referring you and using your services again!! Thank you!
~ K.S.

Services we provide in the Fargo, ND area:

  • Commercial duct cleaning
  • Furnace cleaning
  • Duct cleaning
  • Refrigeration cleaning
  • Dryer cleaning
  • Air conditioner cleaning
  • Fireplace/stove cleaning
  • Air exchanger
  • Attic Isulation & Removal
  • FREE in-home safety inspection

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If you are looking for furnace and duct cleaning services in the Fargo, North Dakota area please contact Dust Busters for a free estimate!

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Before and after pictures of Ducts we've cleaned...
Before Cleaning the Air Ducts (Above)

After Cleaning the Air Ducts (Below)

What's in Your Ducts?
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Before Cleaning the Air Ducts (Above)

After Cleaning the Air Ducts (Below)

If you need duct cleaning,
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