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Duct Cleaning Testimonials:

We purchased our home over 4 years ago. The first thing we did was replace all of the carpets in the house. We replaced the yellowing wallpaper and re-painted the rest of the walls. It never occurred to us to check the duct work, we faithfully replaced the furnace filter twice a year and left it at that.

After viewing the video clip on the home page of the Dust Busters website, we decided it would be a good idea to have the duct work cleaned. The amount of dust in the air in the winter months was very noticable. We were shocked to see what came out of the duct work as they began the cleaning process, hundreds of cigarette butts. Yuck! We would have never known what we were breathing all this time. Thank you Dust Busters for letting us breath easy again.

Nick and Silke, Osakis, MN

I wondered why I didn’t have much heat upstairs. This pile of goodies along with what was left of a stuffed animal came out of one heat pipe. I’ve never had such good heat as I have now. Dust Busters did a wonderful job!

Jim, Alexandria, MN

What’s in your duct work? 82% of upper respiratory problems are due to poor indoor air quality.